Expert Knowledge, Prompt Response, and Worth Every Penny

Heritage Digital provides Reliable Factors with one on one service in resolving our IT issues. They typically address issues immediately or we receive a call back no more than an hour later. Their personal interest in our business is greatly appreciated. When planning our annual budget, HD makes sure that we have all of the information and guidance necessary to make practical, cost saving, and forward-thinking decisions related to our IT network. Heritage Digital is an experienced IT firm that will do whatever is needed to satisfy the client.

Chris Hannaford Reliable Factors

Expert Local Support

The decision to partner with Heritage Digital for managing our computer needs was simple.  Marty and his team are wonderful people and they are easy to deal with.  Unlike larger companies, Heritage Digital responds immediately and we usually get our problem resolved while on the call.  The efficiency of their team is evident as they are there for you, day and night, and they won’t charge an “arm and a leg” for service requests.  They were able to streamline our cloud storage, making it easier and safer to access our business information.  Just call Marty and get started.  You won’t regret it.

Johnny Rishmawi On The Go

Our Lifeline!

Heritage Digital is our “IT person”. As a small bank, we don’t have anyone that can devote enough time, nor do we have anyone with the ability to handle all of our IT needs. Pee Dee Federal Bank depends on the Heritage Digital Team to handle anything related to our computers, plus they do a fantastic job with keeping us in compliance. Compliance requirements are the same in the banking industry, regardless of the size of the bank, and Heritage Digital makes sure they remain well-informed of the industry requirements and work to keep us in compliance. We always feel that we are an important client. When we call, they are always willing and able to help us. Heritage Digital is a great partner for Pee Dee Federal Bank and we highly recommend them.

Karen Grice Pee Dee Federal Bank

Heritage Digital has set the bar for IT Support in the Pee Dee

Prior to working with Heritage Digital, we worked with a one-man operation based out of Georgia.  During that business relationship we often experienced slow response time that impacted the productivity of our business.  Since partnering with Heritage Digital, we have seen a night and day difference in response time to any issue.  Now our issues are handled immediately.  The biggest benefit we have found working with Heritage Digital is the knowledge and willingness of the staff to correct any issue that impacts our business.  Based on our experience with Heritage Digital, it would be easy for me to convince any business to call Heritage Digital to manage their IT and data security needs.

Michael Smith Ed Smith Insurance Agency

I Can Finally do My Job, and NOT WORRY about my computer network!

As the owner of a growing dental practice with many specialties and recently having added a second location, it was time to find a way to best manage my growing IT network.  My focus must be on my patient and staff’s needs, and because of that cannot afford to have any downtime associated with my computers, server, and other network hardware.  I needed the peace of mind that my network was secure and my data was safe.  I made the decision to partner with Heritage Digital for the peace of mind they provide me.  If you are like me and don’t have time to be bogged down due to IT issues, letting Heritage Digital manage your network is the solution.

Dr. Sharla Price Carolina Dental Partners

Local Service, Expert Solutions

I have been very pleased with the services that Heritage Digital provides Barrier Reef Fiberglass Pools.  We made the decision to partner with Heritage Digital in 2019 and it was definitely the right decision. I reached out nationally to find a IT company to handle our needs and I was amazed to find we had a local company who could provide us with all of the IT services and tools we needed.  Heritage Digital staff top to bottom provides us with expert guidance in scaling our IT network cost effectively and securely.  They are proactive in their approach to provide services and are always available to me 24/7.  I encourage you to meet with them and allow them to provide their expertise for your company’s IT needs.  It’s refreshing to have a local company that is 30 minutes away and always willing to go the extra mile for us.

Jack Marchette CFO
Barrier Reef Fiberglass Pools

Our IT security is light years better because of The Heritage Digital Team

Through a church friend, we knew about Heritage Digital. When we decided to engage with Heritage Digital our email had been hacked and we were stuck. Heritage Digital made our company a priority and resolved our email issues quickly and secured our entire network against future hacks. Before deciding to work with Heritage Digital we were concerned about the “sticker price”, but after talking through every aspect of their services we decided that the benefits would far outweigh the costs and moved forward with the contract. We made the right decision! We could not have accomplished meshing our two office’s hardware and software without their expertise. Heritage Digital always gives us their full and undivided attention and resolves any issue as fast as possible. I truly believe that partnering with Heritage Digital in this day and time of everchanging technology is vital to your business’s long-term success.

Tim Harris Harris Pest Control


The Town of Kingstree greatly appreciates all the things Heritage Digital does for us.  We always receive quick, courteous responses to each of our calls for help.  The Heritage Digital staff is always helpful and honest when making recommendations for changes/upgrades to our IT network.  We have seen fewer issues with our servers since we made the decision to partner with the team at Heritage Digital.  The staff at Heritage Digital are experts in CJIS compliance and provide us expert recommendations to make sure we stay in full compliance.  We highly recommend Heritage Digital and encourage you to take the next step to partner with Heritage Digital to manage all of your IT needs.

Merianne Cowley Finance Director
Town of Kingstree, SC