Ray Graham is the Operations Director at Heritage Digital. He oversees all aspects of service delivery related to all agreements and professional services. Ray is married to Beth, and has three children: Elizabeth, Austin, and Adam. Ray enjoys the new challenges that he encounters every day at Heritage Digital. In his spare time, Ray loves to tinker, piddle and spend quality time with his family. Tinkering involves the deliberate rendering of a vaguely visualized outcome through the sheer will and force of combined mental, emotional and physical synergies which culminate in the eureka moment at the point that visualization becomes reality, the tinkering ends and he then must depart from tinkering and take up the lesser enjoyed but more practical art of piddling which is synonymous with such odious and demeaning tasks as taking out the garbage or unloading the dishwasher. To piddle is to survive the mundane, To tinker is to forge the glorious from the mundane.


“I enjoy being a part of a team with shared goals and interests. Here at Heritage we want to be the premier Managed Services provider for the Pee Dee, South Carolina and the southeast. Every day brings a new challenge!”